About Us

The idea of PhoneCaseJungle.com was created a couple of years ago when I was trying to find a Mother’s day gift and wanted to buy a phone case only to realise two things. 1. It was hard to find a case for my Mum's brand of phone and 2. If you did find a phonecase, they were always just the same generic designs on all of them. 


I then realised people need more options for a unique case that suits them rather than just plain colours. Since then I have slowly added more and more designs sourcing them from design agencies, Marketplaces for Designs sold by independent artists and even created a few myself which have helped my photoshop skills. My aim was to try and make sure there is a case for everyone from Pandas on motorbikes to hundreds of variations of the classic floral designs. We have since grown the business to make sure every design is available for almost everybody’s phones, with over 400+ phone models available for every design we sell. 


With thousands of designs to choose from and every design available for over 400 phone models, this is what makes PhoneCaseJungle.com the largest selection of phone cases in the UK and maybe even in the world. 


And you will be pleased to know every Mother's Day my Mum receives a new case unique to her :)