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Hard Plastic Clip On Case.

All Free postage and aimed to be made and dispatched within 48 hours.

These are strong plastic phone cases that clip onto the back of your phone.

They give full protection to the sides and back as well as the side buttons on your phone

The thing thats makes these cases even more unique is that they have the design actually printed into the phone case itself. The image is melted into the phone case so the picture quality will NEVER fade, and will NOT be damaged in the rain.

Other novelty design phone cases online are often just stickers stuck on a phone case. Those types of designs will start wear a tear when wet. My cases have the image in the actual phone case itself, so it is impossible to damage the quality of the image.

The design is printed around the whole of the phone case resulting in an even better effect.

All of my cases have been designed to not only give great protection to the phone but also add no extra weight to the phone once the case is applied.

These cases can either come in a glossy finish or matte finish depending on the design.

Are you having it customised??

These cases can all be customised to how you would like them. If you would like something simple added e.g your name onto the case then simply leave that information in the 'notes to seller' section when purchasing.

If you are requiring something changed that is a little more complex e.g changing the colours of certain things then just drop me a message explaining what you would like changed and I will see if it is possible to do that for you :)

If you have any problems after purchase??

Hopefully there will not be any problems with your order. However in case there is then simply send me a message letting me know the problem and I will guarantee to get it sorted for you asap :).

I run this shop myself so I take a lot of pride in the quality of these cases and the service that comes with it :)

Any questions about anything whatsoever, I have my phone on me at all times so just send me a message and I will get that answered for you asap :)